1.0 Now Available!

5 thoughts on “1.0 Now Available!

  1. Hey, I was just wondering, is there any way to give total chaos weapons by console? I would prefer that over just normal doom weapons.

  2. Hey, I found a couple bugs but didn’t know where report them, so I guess I’ll just leave them here.

    1) I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it, but sometimes the weapons in the hotbar slots will get unassigned when you’re moving stuff around your inventory. It seems to only happen if you assigned the weapon in question to a slot shortly before, and equipping it solves the issue sometimes.

    2) If you take shells out of a stack and re-stack them, they’ll turn into a “Shotgun Shell Box”, which cannot be loaded into the Shotgun.

    3) The Mobile Gas Cooker has unlimited durability. I’m assuming it shouldn’t, since it has a bar below it.

    The fact that the inventory system works as good as it does is amazing TBH, I have no idea what kind of ACS/ZScript trickery you’re using to even make it work in the first place.

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