Status Update #25 (for real this time)

Sorry for the lack of any real updates lately, hopefully this post will bring everyone up to speed…

“Whats with that horror project you posted on Twitter?”

I’ve been teasing a new horror project on and off for the past couple of months, and while it is something I have always wanted to do after pushing out Total Chaos, it has become apparent that it is far too ambitious to do it on my own (and I don’t want it to take another couple of decades to see it through to the end).


Ultimately, it is something I need to do with a team of like minded people, so for now, I have put it on the back burner.

……….with that said…

Its not like I haven’t been working on something, and while it is not a horror project, I feel if you are a fan of DOOM, it is something you are all going to enjoy.

This is a project I have always wanted to do, and now (sometime next month), I will get to show you all it.

Directors Cut Details

Where does all of this leave the Total Chaos: Directors Cut?

One things for sure at this point, it sadly wont be making the April release. It is looking more like a late May/June release. I feel there is no point rushing out a April release if its going to mean cutting more content to make it, thus making it a directors cut completely moot.

Right now, 2.5 of the 4 planned new chapters are complete
The weapons are pretty much there
Most of the additional mechanics (armor, expanded inventory) are still being worked on
There are also several new endings going in, but more on that later…

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