Total Chaos, under the knife

Huge thanks to MaxED for putting together GZDoom Builder. Definately is helping putting the levels together!

No longer must I look at invisible cubes for model reference! You can find out more about GZDoom Builder at this thread…

(if I’ve forgotten to thank anyone extra for making this excuse my ignorance and let me know!)

New Total Chaos screens!

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, been working hard on getting Total Chaos into a nice playable state for a new video. Here is one of the first rooms in the mod the player passes through, revolved around a church/hotel setting. The initial 10 minutes of the mod serves as a suspense filled exploration of the uncompromising environment, learning how the game play mechanics work, and a little bit of the back story.

More soon…

Chaos Composite 0.1.2

Hey there,

Been a while since I’ve updated this tool. Many neat features coming in this addition, as usual, I recommend you back up your TEXTURES script file if you wish to use this in your projects. There is a function that generates a script in the tool which is the safest option, but since its alpha, anything could happen…

New features:

  • Project Settings menu to locate your texture files
  • Layer menu fully operational
  • Can now save out to your projects TEXTURES.txt lump directly

As usual, source code is included. Both ZIP files can be found here, enjoy!

Windows bin:
Source code: 

Let me know if you find any bugs…

ChaosComposite Alpha Release

Created this tool for creating large textures for Total Chaos, have recently recoded it to be less buggy and thought I’d release it to see if anyone had any suggestions/ideas for later versions.

It is currently in Alpha so a lot of features have been locked out.
Most notably the feature to save your texture directly into the TEXTURES lump file, which has been disabled incase it messes up your file, which wouldn’t be very nice at all.

You can generate a script and save it into your projects yourself.
Also patch styles/alpha settings are disabled for the time being.

There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, but might be useful for some of you out there.

Total Chaos tools, Texture sample

Example of what can be created with the ChaosComposite tool which we will be releasing in the near future, our texture editor for managing a similar method to mega-textures using the TEXTURES lump. Can support textures up to the limit of 8k, without costing a large chunk of hard disk space. A single texture is made up of about 10-20 different image files, but as far as we understand there is no limit to how many patches we can throw at one of these. Guess we’ll find out down the dev line…


The majority of our texture sources are from

Its like mega-textures…. but not really…

Been working on a couple of tools for Total Chaos to make things a little easier. One of them is this TEXTURES lump editor called Chaos Composite, which should be coming out sometime next month. It is built to handle insanely high resolution textures. The visual editor lets the user piece the texture together out of patches, then convert the representation over to code (or directly install it into the TEXTURES lump file if you are using a PK3 system)