Closed Alpha Play Instructions

Welcome to the Total Chaos Closed Alpha test!

This page has instructions on how to get the game to play. You will need a copy of DOOM2.WAD to be able to play.

Download the Closed Alpha here

The ZIP file includes the latest build of GZDoom, but you can use your own local version if you wish. DOOM2.WAD will need to be in the same folder as the GZDoom binary to be able to run.

Reshade is optional, you can download it here:

Reshade provides a vast array of post-processing effects that are compatible with GZDoom. I’ve included a profile that has been made for Total Chaos in the reshade profile folder.

There is also a gzdoom-RENAME_TO_SYSTEM.ini file provided. This file contains configuration settings recommended for GZDoom, however you can also use your own profile if you wish. To use this profile, rename it to your computers name (for example, gzdoom-MyName.ini).

Once you’ve done all of this, simply drag and drop the PK3 file onto GZDoom and Total Chaos will load up.

There is one more step that is needed, its a bit of a doosey…


This can be done inside the Video Settings under Options after you launch GZDoom.

If you don’t do this, Total Chaos will render in a square. Unfortunately Total Chaos isn’t currently optimized for any resolutions other than 16:9/10, so some stretching may happen on certain resolutions.

This is an ongoing issue I’m still working on resolving in future updates.


Hope you have fun playing this Alpha. There are two levels included.

Some bugs may occur, and a few features have been stripped out since we’re still working on things.

Let us know what you think!