Installation Instructions & FAQ

First, download the .zip file.

To run the mod, you will need GZDoom and a copy of Doom 2 which contains the doom2.wad file needed to run GZDoom.

Upon unpacking it you will find 3 files, a readme, a Reshade profile folder and tc_super, the mod itself.

Use of Reshade

Reshade is optional, you can download it here

Reshade provides a vast array of post-processing effects that are compatible with GZDoom. The included profile contains settings recommended to play with, but feel free to adjust it yourself!


This can be done inside the Video Settings under Options after you launch GZDoom.

If you don’t do this, Total Chaos will render in a square. Unfortunately Total Chaos isn’t currently optimized for any resolutions other than 16:9/10, so some stretching may happen on certain resolutions.

This is an ongoing issue I’m still working on resolving in future updates.

Whats included?

There are two levels from the full mod.

The intro level and Chapter 1.

A couple of mechanics have been disabled in the Alpha due to balancing issues. The Sanity mechanics will be back in a future update. A few story elements have been excluded also.