Status Update #16: Redoing some systems

I spent this weekend rewriting the mods combat system (again) to do away with a method I’ve been using to render the scene.


It used to be, the camera would render a floor plane with a camera texture on it, thus giving the illusion of motion blur and camera swaying. It was also a good way to stick a hud weapon model in front of the camera.

Unfortunately, due to a large compatibility problem with certain resolutions, I’ve done away with this. Thus, prompting a weapon rewrite.

Doing away with the camtexture means the mod will now render at its true resolution (rather than upscaling), thus resulting in a much more sharper image.

Screen space effects will now work, such as ambient occlusion or DOF.

New blood/gore system

I also added a proper blood system. Its pretty juicy…


More screenshots soon

A lot of the world building has been left to the wayside while I get core game systems polished up.

The plan from here is to get the weapons, inventory and enemies up to par before jumping in and doing a proper pass on the world creation, which is why there haven’t been any meaningful screenshots recently.

Got some cool stuff in the backlog that I can’t wait to put together. Will hopefully have some more stuff to look at later this month.

Status Update #15: Crafting is back!

I thought I’d bring back crafting since there is a proper use for it now!

Collecting items in the game world can now be used to repair weapons, make food more platable, or to do some chemistry!

Use 1: Repair or strengthen weapons


Weapons can now be repaired once damaged/destroyed, if you can find the correct resources.

Hold on to that pickaxe you’ve found and take care of it, there may not be another one for a while!

Use 2: Combine experimental compounds


Throughout the island, certain compounds can be found and combined with each other to give you stat boosts.

Find scientific pages to find out which compounds to combine for optimal results. Combing the incorrect sequence of compounds could cause adverse effects…

Use 3: Make a sandwich!

Combine various foods around the island with bread and make a tasty meal!

Use 4: Circuit boards

Combing circuit boards with certain components can be used to craft special types of devices and weapons, such as timed dynamite detonators.


Status Update #14: Mind Eaters

Something that wasn’t clearly on display in the Open Alpha were the sanity mechanics.


Roughly half way through the mod, we’ve introduced these cryptic devices known as Mind Eaters.

What do they do? If the name wasn’t descriptive enough, standing around these things for too long will slowly drive you insane.


What happens when you go insane? For starters, you’ll start hearing things, then seeing strange figures appear in front of you. That is about 50% to insane, further than that, you’ll have to see for yourself 😉

These devices give the player several options when entering the area. Find a way to turn off the cryptic device, or go in with a crap load of Sanity Booster pills (or a lot of vodka or whiskey) to keep the sanity at bay.

It can get quite stressful in these areas.

More weapons!

Recently I did a big push to get the majority of the weapons complete. There is quite a range all with different play styles!


Want to get up close and deal damage swiftly? Use a hammer. Want to attack at long range? Start throwing bricks and bottles at your enemy.

Want to stab them a little? Break that bottle on a wall and go at it!

Weapons with longer melee range are now up and running. Along with the sledge hammer there is now the inclusion of a shovel and axe.

In total there are about 13 weapons to choose from.


We’ll also be adding the ability to store weapons in your inventory (even broken ones), with crafting abilities to repair damages or to strengthen durability.

One more level to go!

We’re up to blocking out the last core level in the mod! Once this is done, we’ll be moving onto polishing up the gameplay, adding details and more.

We’re getting close.

Unfortunately, to prevent spoilers, we’ve had to seal the gates on any more screenshots or videos getting published. We’ll show you guys some more stuff soon, but when we do it’ll be a little more, secretive.

Open Beta Release Date


You may have seen this teaser pop up on our social media channels the other week. Well its true, we’ll be releasing the Open Beta of Total Chaos late March next year!

What to expect?

Open Beta will be close to the final release of the mod. The Open Beta will feature ALL levels, monsters and items to be seen in the final release.

So why call it beta in the first place?

We don’t expect everything to be fully polished and 100% functional when this time comes. We expect to have a bit of user feedback come in post-release, so we’ve saved up some time between Open Beta and Final to address anything that comes up.

Stay tuned for more info!