Shotgun Frenzy

What is Shotgun Frenzy

Shotgun Frenzy is a Skulltag modification which combines RTS and FPS, similar to popular mods like Natural Selection. A single player commands their team through a top-down view, building structures and deploying orders, while the rest of the players enter the battlefield and hold off thousands of incoming monsters.

There are 3 gametypes in Shotgun Frenzy that play a different spin on this for each of them.

Where can I get it?

Or, alternatively, if you join a Shotgun Frenzy server through Doomseeker, it will automatically download it for you! Along with all the latest patches

Basic gameplay

In most game types in Shotgun Frenzy, the objective is to defend your core at all costs. In-between the demon spawn point and your core are 3 batteries that determine if you are in control of its corresponding sector. If the demons capture all 3 of these sectors by destroying your batteries, they then have a clear shot at your core. If they destroy this, you loose the game and the next map is loaded.

There are several ways you can win a match. The most common way would be to hold off the demon invasion and destroy them all. This usually runs for 10-15 minutes per map. If you have a strong counter-attack, you can overrun the demons and destroy their core (as they are trying to do to yours). This takes a lot of teamwork. Alternatively (depending on the map) you can buy a Nuclear Silo and nuke them. If you activate this, the monsters will instantly spawn to your bases location, so make sure you have a good defensive set up.

Combat Frenzy (CF)

There are 4 maps included for the Combat Frenzy game type. War Machine, District, Checkpoint and Return to Hell Island. In this game type there is no commander, you are provided a small base with basic shops, restock pads and sector teleporters. Defend the 3 sectors from the demon invasion.

Survival Defender (SD)

There are 2 maps included for this game type. Hell Asteroid and The Valley.
This is quite a different game type. Again you are provided a small base with what you need, but there are no sectors, just your core and monsters spawning all around it. The monsters spawn in waves, so you have a short time between these to restock and prepare for the next. Usually lasts 10-15 waves per map.

Shotgun Frenzy (Commander mode SF)

There are 4 maps included for this game type. Refinery, Wasteland, Grid and Hell Siege. Plays exactly like the Combat Frenzy mode, but a single player takes the role as Commander. The maps are much larger as well and have support for vehicle combat.

19 thoughts on “Shotgun Frenzy

  1. Remember when this first came out! Such a great mod and easily my favourite invasion style mod. Keep up the good work!

  2. Is this mod still being developed? It has to be the best Doom mod I’ve ever played. One of the CF maps has a bug that makes it impossible to win, though.

  3. Pulse rage is glitched… Can only use core pulse powers once in the game, then the research pulse rage shows up which cannot be researched even if you click on it 100 times (and you lose 500 dollars)

  4. There’s a glitch in the Mech lab when two or more people get on their mechs at the same time. They get stuck.

    Also, there should be an “ejection” key for mechs. Some maps don’t have support on their platforms for mechs.

    Now, a tip: there’s been lately some asshole/assholes ruining fun by getting into the commander seat and spawning turrets and dispensers like crazy, causing the server to crash indefinitely. My advice is to limit spawning turrets and dispensers to one each one or two seconds.

  5. HI!
    I try this “awesome” mod and i liked very much.

    A complete “must have”.

    but… when I tested this mod on coop with only 2 guys is imposible to stop the waves. The difficulty settings doesn’t work with the huge “horde” of enemies.

    In fufure releases do you have a plan for balance this setings for low number of players?


    1. I’m someone who plays shotgun frenzy on a regular basis, and I can tell you, I can beat all the SF maps with one player or two players.
      It’s not that hard at all to rape the demon core within 10 minutes, or just to play through the whole thing
      I suggest you try to beat all the SF maps on single player.

      For me, I think you should use your first upgrade point wisely and build refinery and upgrade early, early, early (like, as soon as arms phase 1)

      Buy Berserk/Godsphere when you can.

      1. But by the way Wadaholic, I think anything more than 6 players, the monsters just get too much HP for gameplay to be enjoyable.
        I mean, I get 5 kills with a Razor Dualshot+Godsphere+Berserk run? lol

        I think the frequency at which the monsters spawn can be vastly increased to make even huger hordes of demons, but all with normal XP (otherwise ranking is really impossible)

        Another thing is I have NEVER been able to get past Major rank, in SF1.4
        The best I’ve done is about 400-500 short of commander rank.
        So, that could be straightened out maybe by the increase in number of monsters but decrease in monster hp, maybe? 😛

  6. SF01 seems to cause my client (But seemingly not the server? I can’t confirm) to lock up with a “Waiting for server…” message. Sometimes it does this at the start of the map, other times it does it later on in the round. But most of the time it’s at the start of the map. I also seem to lock up with that message on other maps too, but not as commonly, and always late in the map.

    Also, whenever I start the mod, it spews out quite a few errors concerning missing textures? As well as some other stuff. This is also appearant on the server log, so it’s not client side. I also seem to remember these errors happening in v13 as well, and never really feeling the effect from them, still might be worthwhile to clean that up or something.

    Either way, just thought I’d put that stuff out there. I’m not sure if anyone else has that critical issue or not. I’m running this on a 64 bit Win 7 rig.

  7. I just recently stumbled upon this wad and it is thrilling to play online. However when i try to run it in offline mode i also get some errors and lots off checkerboards instead of textures. Still an amazing DooM Experience. A must play for any fps fan.

    1. Hey thanks for the feedback. You will need to run all wads that come with shotties along with the skulltag textures pk3, im out of date with how its done these days but if you have been able to play online successfully then all the files you need should be in your wadseeker directory. It usually is stored in AppData on windows but it should tell you where it stores downloads in the doomseeker preferences. Hope that helps

  8. With a core i3 this mod is nearly unplayable. During the action the fps goes down to single digits, close to 0 fps. In some cases the performance is so ridiculous that I keep dropping “…. 1024 packets loss, unable to recover…” every 10 seconds.

    What is heavy in this mod? AI path find?

      1. I think it’s zandronum’s render because there are opengl games that run just fine. It was just that performance was worse in shotgun frenzy. In any mod the performance under opengl is horrible. Depending on where I’m looking at the performance is high, or close to 0 fps, something in the opengl render is wrong.

        Windows 7 64bits, 3 GB RAM, i3 HD3000, no video card.

  9. Just wanted to drop a comment on here saying that even after a couple of years I still love getting some friends together and playing this wad! It is a shame that it is done with updates, but I can see why with Total Chaos looking the way it does. Keep up the good work and I hope that you continue to have your creative drive to make amazing things for us to play!

  10. Would genuinely love another update/patch for this, just like a lot of people, but just like @KENSEIRABBIT said, they put in so much work into this, and with Total Chaos. I barely knew anything about this mod waaaay long ago, and I just picked it up with some friends. Some of the most fun I’ve had with DooM in a long time, and as a Doom Mapper myself, I can appreciate all these levels with their design. It’s genuinely beautiful and you can see the love poured into it. If you ever need another mapper to help out if you decide to put another update out of nowhere, Please! Email me! lol

    Thank you again for the hard work and love you have.

    – Rageful_Tim

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