Shotgun Frenzy Patch 2 is now LIVE!

The next patch of Shotgun Frenzy is now ready to download! Grab it here: (4.8MB) For those who are yet to download Shotgun Frenzy, you can get the master file, this is an all-in-1 package that contains the core files. Only get this if you DON’T have Shotgun Frenzy, unless you want to redownload content you […]

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Patch 2 on its way

A few more game breaking bugs are creeping up which need to be squished, thus prompting a new patch to be thrown into production. Will be adding a few new bits and bobs to this one to keep it fresh. Should expect to see this drop sometime this week. Here are some of the fixes that […]

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Patch 1 is live!

The first patch is out and ready to download at this address: It is a simple update to the sfrenzy13_final.pk3 that should resolve many issues (as listed below in the previous post) If you have not already downloaded Shotgun Frenzy, you can grab the entire mod with the patch pre-installed, here: Have fun!

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Here we go again!

So far it has been a truly epic 12 hours of Shotgun Frenzy topping the server list, so it was expected that a few bugs would pop up, one of the most noteable been the ‘Final Struggle’ bug. Never fear, a patch is right around the corner, with a few extra additions that have been specificity requested […]

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Shotgun Frenzy v1.3 Released!

At long last! The full and complete 1.3 update of Shotgun Frenzy is now up and ready for downloading! At the moment it can be downloaded here, Expect to see more mirrors pop up in the near future. This update to Shotgun Frenzy contains completely revamped code, new maps, game types, and weapons. There was […]

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