Shotgun Frenzy v1.4 Released!

I always say it won’t take long but this one felt like a lifetime. Shotgun Frenzy v1.4 is finally out and can be downloaded here:

There are many changes in this new version. Most notably are the new maps, weapons and the new demon skill optimising (optimise demon difficulty depending on the player count).

There are also a ton of bug fixes, but I am not going to say its bug free, we all know in the past that’s never been true, so expect a patch in a couple of weeks from now which should patch up anything nasty that comes through. I’ll also be releasing some mod documents that will make mapping easier.

For now, here is the change log:


  • New map, CF05: Dynomite
  • New map, SF05: Underworld
  • New Commando Backpack, featuring the Repeater, Shotgun Frenzy’s take on the chaingun
  • BFG9000 added to the Armory
  • Stimpacks can be researched from the Armory, a small dosage of health is given to the player on usage, and is restockable
  • Enemies are harder to kill depending on the matches player count
  • Commander hotkeys to make things a little quicker in the command chair
  • Researched abilities now display on player hud when Stock Pad is used
  • Siren sound on game start, along with alternative countdown sound
  • Changed bosses around


  • More delay between SD rounds
  • Turret size increased from 4 to 20 to block more enemy fire
  • All turrets now available from Armory deployable section
  • Players can now teleport to any sector in the map once the guardian appears (SF maps)
  • Player deaths now appear on the kill screen as well as demon deaths
  • Powerup and Research notifications less intrusive
  • Ammo restock sphere is back and is as rare as the Godsphere
  • Sandbags removed
  • Demonic Lab replaced with updated Marine Command, housing both Core Pulse and MC abilities
  • Old Marine Command area replaced with a Mech Factory
  • Berserks and Godspheres limit lowered from 3 to 1, prevents stacking
  • Dynamic billboard system, displays ads for newly built structures


  • CF01, removed some THING objects and slopes to help performance issues
  • CF02, blocked off area behind fence, some players could get in there
  • CF04, added new spawn areas to make things a little harder
  • CF04, Demon Core harder to get to
  • SF01, fixed <!> objects
  • SF04, Hopefully fixed crashing issue at level start
  • SF04, Demon Core has more protection


  • Sector battery strangeness resolved (hopefully)
  • Turret and Sandbag lag removed
  • Command system overhaul, much better performance
  • Structure door fixes
  • Mech + Godsphere exploit
  • Removed summonable creatures, just causing problems

There will be a 1.4!

Now with the Shotgun Frenzy 1.3 development drawing to a close, we’ll be releasing a 1.4 release of Shotgun Frenzy in about a month from now. Along with the usual bug fixes and balancing we’ll be working on several new maps and game types, along with the possible additional weapon backpack/vehicle or two!

It’ll be a full update, not just a small tweak, so expect to see a lot of new stuff coming to this mod in the near future!

Stay tuned…

Shotgun Frenzy Patch 2 is now LIVE!

The next patch of Shotgun Frenzy is now ready to download!
Grab it here: (4.8MB)

For those who are yet to download Shotgun Frenzy, you can get the master file, this is an all-in-1 package that contains the core files. Only get this if you DON’T have Shotgun Frenzy, unless you want to redownload content you already have, bahaha,

Here is the extensive changelog:

New Features & Tweaks

  • Improved boss and demon optermisation dependant on player counts
  • Ammo dispensers now act like stock pads in base/structures. Instant healing and ammo collection
  • Bosses revamped and vastly improved, no longer take forever to finish a map
  • AI Director tweaks for improved gameplay
  • Better demonic core damage message
  • Research is now displayed on purchase for all players
  • Ranks are easier to obtain
  • Maps have properly placed teleporters preventing repeating teleportation
  • Survival Mode now reaches higher ranked monsters (depending on player count)
  • Mech repair time reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Bullet proof windows in Command Center, now those pesky Cacodemons cannot kill the Commander


  • Money bags now give 3000 credits to the player, makes them a bit more useful
  • Annihilator’s give many more credits on death
  • All weapons balanced
  • Quadshot and Flamer damage reduced
  • Flamer burn time reduced


  • Possible fix for ” players can place dispensers and turrets into the doors of buildings and break them. Making the building inaccessible”
  • SF04 Mechs can now enter the Marine Command/exit mech
  • Money bags dropped by commander are working
  • SF01 demonic core fixed
  • SF01 sector door lock fixed
  • Mech hud now disappears at game end
  • Sandbags have correct message on construction
  • Backpacks now provide nails/razor blades for Dualshot

As usual, have fun and report in any glitches you may find!

Patch 1 is live!

The first patch is out and ready to download at this address:

It is a simple update to the sfrenzy13_final.pk3 that should resolve many issues (as listed below in the previous post)

If you have not already downloaded Shotgun Frenzy, you can grab the entire mod with the patch pre-installed, here:

Have fun!

Here we go again!

So far it has been a truly epic 12 hours of Shotgun Frenzy topping the server list, so it was expected that a few bugs would pop up, one of the most noteable been the ‘Final Struggle’ bug. Never fear, a patch is right around the corner, with a few extra additions that have been specificity requested by members of the Skulltag community. They have been listed below:

  • Dispensers, turrets and landmines to be added to the Armory for marines to buy
  • Price and damage tweaks on overpowered weapons
  • Score system from v1.1 added back in for mid-game researching
  • Mouse sensitivity for Commander reduced
  • That annoying tip beep has been changed to something less annoying
  • Tips no longer appear for player related information if more than 2 players are playing
  • Bodycount message on death from v1.1 is back
  • More powerful Airstrikes and Ion Cannon strikes
  • Increase to Afrit health (CF03 boss battle)
  • Map detailing optimised for better performance
  • Boss battles optimised for better server performance, also not impossible to beat
  • Disappearing skybox resolved
  • Endgame countup on monster kills sped up
  • Turret spawning fixed
  • Players can no longer go outside SD02 and SF03
  • Mechs no longer send players skyrocketing into the sky

This will be released shortly. In the meantime, a huge thanks to Konar6 and the Grandvoid servers!

Stay tuned, the update will be released shortly…