Welcome to Fort Oasis…


Total Chaos is an upcoming total conversion mod for Doom 2 that runs on the source ports GZDoom and Zandronum.

The mod is an open world survival horror where players are dropped on an island known as Fort Oasis, once the most secret and isolated place in the world. It is believed it was once run by a community of coal miners, which one day disappeared without, leaving behind the abandoned concrete jungle to waste away.

Total Chaos is a sandbox mod, so the player has freedom of choice of either finding the lost community, surviving on their own against the islands deadly forces, or explore Fort Oasis to uncover its most hidden secrets.





There are no guns in Total Chaos, instead the players must use their wit and the hazards they find in the environment to defend themselves.

Light fires to destroy those who hunt you down, set traps to take down unsuspected enemies. Blunt weapons can be found on the island, but close combat is not recommended.

The mod, with the assistance of the source ports, introduces many new graphical features, including 16x motion blur, high resolution textures and 3D models. The mod also utilizes the 3rd party plugin QeffectsGL to achieve bloom and depth of field effects.

Gameplay features

Total Chaos features a dynamic open game world, where enemies spawn depending on how much you make yourself known. Avoidance and stealth is recommended, but there will be times where confrontation is the only option. The only weapon you have is the environment.


Weapons won’t be obvious when you search the game world for them. There will be times you will have to scavenge for separate components, which can then be combined and crafted into weapons. They also have a hit-point system, which means if you don’t maintain your crafts, they will fail on you.

Your inventory won’t last forever.


Why the Doom 2 engine?

Its fun to tinker with older things! We wanted to push the engine to a place we thought was once impossible.

Total Chaos does not straight from the Doom 2 engine from 1993, but instead a modified version of the original source code that brings OpenGL, mouse look and various other features to the game. Most mods these days run on these source ports which excel the engines feature set.


The modding scene for Doom is still very active with a wid variety of new stuff getting released daily! Upon release, all assets from Total Chaos will be free to use by the modding community for their own projects.

There is currently no release date for Total Chaos, but we are currently targeting to get an Alpha out sometime around mid 2015.

 Wait.. no way! You mean THIS Doom 2?


Indeed! It is still a Doom mod, if you wanted, you could use the console to spawn a bunch of monsters, if you prefer to play it like Doom…PINKIES

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey – would u fancy bringing this to our Revival event. We just announced that John Romero is attending. I’m assuming your in the UK 😀

  2. Looks really cool 😀

    Why does this really need Doom 2 tho? Still needing some of the assets from it for some reason? Stand-alone games with that engine have long been possible without any issues (legal or otherwise), especially with the modified versions of the engine like the one you use (GZDoom).

    • The first couple of betas will require doom2.wad at this stage, however the final stand-alone version will run without it, all you’ll need is either Zandronum or GZDoom 🙂

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  6. I really want to do something like this when I get good enough at messing with the doom engine.
    You’re a role model.

    Also a question that is really bugging me, how did you create 3D “things” with the doom engine?
    Like did you have to make a ton of frames for every angle?

    • Hey thanks for the feedback!

      The 3D things are actual 3D models rendered in the engine, so there was no need to render frames for every angle.

      This was a feature added in the GZDoom/Zandronum engines a few years back. You can download mods now that render the Doom monsters and weapons with this 😀

  7. Whoa this just looks sooooo AWESOME! Lol, when this mod is finished and it’s just a stand alone game, you should try to see if you can get it on Steam! I really think this can be really big. It looks very appealing to me and i think it needs to be more popular. This just looks crazy and I hope it works out for you guys! Also how do you guys animate/create characters in you’re mod? I’m a freshman at a high school but I’m getting into animation classes and getting kinda good with a program called Maya. Anyways, I’m gonna stay posted with this blog and see how it turns out. GOOD LUCK!

    • Hey James thanks for the feedback!

      The characters are sculpted and textured by the artist in ZBrush. We then import the mesh into Blender for texture baking, rigging and animation.

      Most of the lighting and shader effects have to be baked into the texture data (ambient occlusion, lighting, etc), since Doom doesn’t have a real lighting engine for models.

      Maya is a great program to get into, especially since its what everyone in the industry is using these days. It is personal preference that I use Blender. That and its free 😀

    • Should be pretty easy, all you need is Doom 2 and a source port like GZDoom, which can be downloaded for free. When the mods out all you need to do is download it and drag and drop it onto GZDoom to run it. No crazy setup required 🙂

  8. I don’t suppose you would let a humble YouTuber record and upload some beta footage in a Let’s Play? I love the Doom 2 engine, and this is really astounding.

  9. I can’t wait… Are you making progress? I *REALLY* hope this is going to come out soon. Could you offer an alpha/beta version before it actually comes out? I have seen some really impressive wads such as, Stronghold, Phocas Island 2, etc ,etc But never anything like this :O

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