Total Chaos: Directors Cut Beta Live

The Total Chaos Directors Cut can be downloaded at ModDB:

directors cut.png

Total Chaos Directors Cut Download

v1.15.5 Changelog:

Headline Features

  • 3 new chapters. Forgotten, Crossroads/Regression and Madness
  • New weapons including the Revolver, Nailgun and SMG
  • New enemies
  • Body armor (4 variants)
  • New inventory items
  • Story additions

This is a BETA release, expect a few bugs and balance issues (this seems to be inevitable with every release of this). NG+ is not included in this version, but will be released with the final release. Expect that to drop in a couple weeks from now.

Have fun!

5 thoughts on “Total Chaos: Directors Cut Beta Live

      1. Im new to this and omg it lookes amazing.. but when you say final release is that just for this expantion? or is it a final release as a whole project? the base game and the expansion?

  1. Loving the game, just found it a few days ago. Should I wait for the final release or play through the beta?

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