Total Chaos: Directors Cut Beta Live

The Total Chaos Directors Cut can be downloaded at ModDB:

directors cut.png

Total Chaos Directors Cut Download

v1.15.5 Changelog:

Headline Features

  • 3 new chapters. Forgotten, Crossroads/Regression and Madness
  • New weapons including the Revolver, Nailgun and SMG
  • New enemies
  • Body armor (4 variants)
  • New inventory items
  • Story additions

This is a BETA release, expect a few bugs and balance issues (this seems to be inevitable with every release of this). NG+ is not included in this version, but will be released with the final release. Expect that to drop in a couple weeks from now.

Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Total Chaos: Directors Cut Beta Live

      1. Im new to this and omg it lookes amazing.. but when you say final release is that just for this expantion? or is it a final release as a whole project? the base game and the expansion?

  1. Loving the game, just found it a few days ago. Should I wait for the final release or play through the beta?

  2. It’s been more than five years since you published this mod, that’s some serious dedications.
    Keep up the good work!

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