Status Update #24: Update 2 Progress

Greetings! An update on the future version below, but first…


A big thanks to you all for downloading and playing the mod. Reception has been pretty damn good. Loads of great feedback has been coming in, and hopefully I’ll be able to address most of it as the year goes on.


The majority of the stutters have been greatly reduced! Along with this (thanks to texture compression), the file size of the mod has been reduced by over 1GB in filesize.

If you had troubles running the mod due to memory usage, the next update might be worth checking out.

Along with the performance fixes, the next update includes:

  • Experimental camera motion blur
  • Enemy attacks no longer penetrate walls
  • Internal asset cleanups (mainly for modding support)
  • Streamlined mod support through the launcher
  • Shotgun shells are now stack-able


A word about staggered content

The plan last week was to release a content update before the end of the year. It is looking like it will be a survival-type game mode at this stage.

I originally was planning on an expansion chapter, but the more I think about this, I feel it would benefit you all more if it was bundled into something a bit more significant.

If the content were staggered with release, there could be a problem with fatigue in playing through the mod. The plans with this is to release something early next year, potentially March. A trailer should be out early next month about what this content will be.

Its sounding pretty awesome at this stage.

More on that shortly.

Update 0.97.4 Released!

The first major update for Total Chaos (0.97.4) has just been released!
It can be downloaded at ModDB via the following link:

Total Chaos – 0.97.4 – ModDB Download

The biggest improvements in this version is something you’ve all requested, item stacking! There are also some tweaks to the way weapons work.


Primary attacks on weapons can be used in a 3 hit combo. Each hit you do in this combo will have the damage build up. For example, a pickaxe will deal 30 damage on the first hit, then 35 on the second hit,  then to 40 on the last hit.

Screamers (like the one in the graveyard) can now be killed. You will also know where it is when it attacks you.


Crafting is now a lot more easier. Simply middle click on an item to shift it over to the combine window.

The full change-log can be viewed below…

Headline Features

  • Inventory switched to a weight based system
  • Items can be stacked, some items are not stackable. Right click unstacks, clicking on top of same item stacks
  • Weapons now take up 4 slots instead of 6
  • New items recently added or stacked in the inventory will be highlighted white
  • Weapons now do more damage in the 3 hit combo strike
  • Increased Screamer damage but reduced the damage rate
  • Screamers can now be killed
  • Screamers become visible when taking damage
  • Enemy attacks are more clear if they are going to hit you or not
  • Sizes of some items reduced so they appear less comical
  • A shortcut key can be used to swap selected items into the combine window
  • Larger fonts can be used in the inventory via the options menu
  • Ammo can now be combined by dropping it on another clip/shellbox


  • Reduced knife damage from 70 to 60
  • Scissors and Shivs now deal significantly more damage, at the cost of been very weak with durability
  • Wrench and Hammer damage increased slightly
  • Increased Shotgun damage from 15 to 28
  • Increased Pistol damage from 50 to 58

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several texture alignment issues
  • Fixed repeating voice message in Chaos
  • Lighter Fluid and Molotovs can no longer be duplicated via bug
  • Dropping small explosives no longer makes them disappear
  • Bug causing inventory to not be pickupable after a certain time is resolved
  • Fixed missing collision on chairs in the courtyard in Surface
  • Fixed ramp collision bug on Surface
  • Improvements to inventory highlight shader
  • Flares wont stay active when going between levels

Quality of Life Changes

  • Added FOV slider to Total Chaos Options
  • Tidied up the customize controls page
  • Increased Autosave frequency in Arrival and Decay
  • Weapon damage has now been added to the weapon description in the inventory
  • Crates are now more fruitful if you break them open
  • Removed quake effects from last level
  • Keys have different icons and improved descriptions
  • Glitch effects are no longer constant when they don’t need to be
  • Keys are now removed when they are no longer needed
  • Pulling a switch will stop it from glowing blue
  • Removed barred door near the brute falling sting in Arrival
  • Fixed mouse sensitivity difference between X/Y in the inventory, can also adjust sensitivity in the options menu


  • Classic Doom screen wipe FX are now off by default
  • Fixed various spelling mistakes on the letters (thanks Stormwalker!)
  • Made a certain ridge on Regression accessable, also added a rail to prevent confusion
  • Added some debris in Surface to try and guide the players better
  • Changed Desaturation values on some areas in Surface
  • Swapped side of the ‘Dont look it in the eyes’ text in Surface for visibility
  • Added switch doors to Millers door and the Blue Block door in Decay
  • Added a door to the first flare section in Arrival

Whats next?

Next on the chopping block is performance and animation improvements. This update won’t be dropping next week (maybe the week after?).

Notable features will include:

  • Added enemy attack patterns (a new pattern introduced per chapter)
  • Weapon animations revised, some attacks on smaller weapons will have a quicker attack animation
  • Performance pass, will try and reduce those nasty stutters
  • Streamlined mod support

Stay tuned!

Status Update #23: So far so good…

Thank you all for downloading Total Chaos. So far, the mod is at roughly 1688 downloads and counting! We also got to #2  PEAKED AT #1 on the ModDB charts!

Many bugs have popped up, one of them being the item duplication bug. This is currently in the process of being patched out.


The plan going ahead from here is to put out an update next week that fixes most of the bugs found. I’m also working on some quality of life changes…

Stacking Items
I will be getting this functionality back up and running. Some items in Total Chaos can be stacked, but not all of them. The goal is to get most small items to stack, stuff like stimpacks and medkits. Weapons will not be stackable.

Keys in the next update will be removed after use. If it is a key that requires multiple uses (like the Master Key), this will remain in your inventory.

Crafting/combining items
A new system for this will be introduced next week. Something that streamlines the whole process. The old system will also be available. It will be toggled via a menu.

Compression and better performance
This right now is a might happen. There are a lot of optimizations that can be done to the mod to prevent stutters, but it would be ignorant of me to think this can be fixed in a week. I’ll see how I go on this one…

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Total Chaos Released!


I just wanted to thank you all for following the project. You have all been very patient, and I hope it was worth the wait!


Download at ModDB

Standalone version (comes bundled with GZDoom and Freedoom, does not require the doom2.wad file!)

Standard version (PK3 files only)

Warning: Not recommended for anyone with a heart condition or who are prone to seizures.


Install Instructions

To play this build of Total Chaos, you will need:

  • Doom 2 (and the doom2.wad file that comes with it)
  • The latest version of GZDoom (which can be downloaded here:

To play, after you have installed GZDOOM and dragged the DOOM2.WAD file into the same directory, simply drag totalchaos.pk3 onto the GZDoom.exe.

Don’t drag all the PK3 files onto GZDoom, as there is a custom load order that is needed…

Performance Tips

Got stutters? It is HIGHLY recommended you enable Precaching.
This will front load the assets when you load a level, which will increase load times, but ultimately is a better experience.

This can be done by enabling Precache GL Textures under Texture Options, or by using the console command gl_precache 1.


Total Chaos – Releasing Halloween 2018!

A date has finally been set!

What is Total Chaos?

Total Chaos is a total conversion mod for Doom 2 that runs on the GZDoom source port. The mod is a survival horror set on a remote island known as Fort Oasis.

The island was once run by a community of coal miners which one day suddenly disappeared, leaving behind the abandoned concrete jungle to waste away.

Something, clearly, has gone very wrong with this place. Upon your arrival at Fort Oasis, you receive a strange radio transmission. Someone wants to he found.

The mod with the assistance of the source ports introduces many new graphical features, including 3D models and high resolution textures.

You will need Doom 2 to be able to play the mod, along with the latest version of GZDoom.