Status Update #13 – The Dreaded Delay – Pushed back a week



So due to moving house and relocating office, it seems this is all bad timing. I may have got a bit cocky on the release plans for this. The plan was to due to release the Alpha end of October, but after doing a quick closed alpha test a lot of compatibility problems cropped up.

So, to sadly disappoint a lot of you, we’ve decided to push release back by a week, but we feel this would be better for everyone involved rather than releasing something with a lot of problems (despite it being Alpha).

We’ve set the new date for the 7th of November.

In other news, we’re still looking for somewhere to host this thing! Being just over 1GB in size, our options are narrowed down a little. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Once again, sorry to break this to everyone!

Status Update #12: Expectations


A couple of things to clear up on the mods upcoming first alpha, a few features have changed on the mod over the last couple of years and I feel some may be disappointed with a few of the design choices we made.

Lets get right into it!

Open world?


Originally our focus was to create a vast open world similar to something you would see in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, but due to hardware performance limitations (and a couple of gameplay mechanics we’ve introduced) we’ve had to dial this back significantly.

The mod is a bit more hub like in its current state, but we feel we can keep the horror aspects of the mod more focused this way. It still feels open, but not to the extent we were originally planning.

The alpha will contain the first two levels.

The first level is quite linear, but this is only to teach new players the rules of the game world.

The second level represents more of what we’re trying to do with a hub like world structure.



We were hoping to hand out roughly 1 – 1.5 hours worth of gameplay with this first alpha, but we’ve made a decision to chop the 3rd level off making it roughly 30-45 minutes in duration.

We felt this would be best since we don’t want to spoil half the mod with something that is still WIP. The first two levels we’ll be sending out will contain everything the core gameplay loop has to offer.

The good news is, I may be able to push the Alpha release to be earlier than the 30-31st of this month, we’ll see how we go😉

Bloom & Post Processing Effects

All of the post-processing effects (minus the motion blur) are achieved with an awesome OpenGL modifier plugin called ReShade. This won’t be included won’t be included with the download of Total Chaos (due to legal reasons and all that fun stuff), however I will look into providing the profile information to get the same look that you can see in the screenshots (someone more familiar with shader code may even come up with a better profile!)

Motion Blur

Motion blur effects will not be included with the primary release of the Alpha, due to the heavy performance cost. There will be a separate download containing the map data allowing for motion blur (for those who are brave enough to try it).

Thanks for reading!

The mod has changed quite significantly over the last three years, hopefully we made all the right choices, but if not, we’re open to changing stuff around if you believe it would make the mod better.

I can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been brewing up!


The dreaded talk about System Requirements…

Some information regarding the upcoming Alpha.


I have probably withheld this for too long, but it has been too hard to be able to get a good grasp on just what the system requirements for the mod would be.

We’ve pushed the mod as far as we can in regards to making it look pretty at a believable cost to system resources. However, as time went by, this goal became far too unrealistic, there are only so many hacks and work-around’s you can do until it comes down to the core fundamentals of the engine when it comes to getting the best performance.

Here is what I can recommend for playing Total Chaos, although this is not final, and the mod is yet to be tested with a larger array of hardware configurations:

Recommended System Requirements (for 1080p, 60FPS):

  • Intel Core i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz
  • 8GB+ RAM
  • 1-2GB harddrive space
  • GeForce GTX 670 Graphics Card or equivalent
  • Adult diapers

The system requirements may seem quite high for what the mod is. If we were putting this mod into a more modern engine, we would have a large increase in performance along with prettier graphics (obviously).

We’re hoping to have this far lower on the final release of the mod, along with a possible sprited version of the mod, for extremely low performance hardware configurations.

Status Update #10: Music and Items


Today we give you a preview of the original soundtrack for Total Chaos, created by the talented Jason Dagenet.

This sample captures roughly 30 seconds from several different tracks in the mod. In total there is over half an hour worth of content here that we can’t wait to show you in the full mod!


Lately I’ve been polishing off player inventory. Here is a preview of several items you can find in the world. Mostly rotten food items, various drinks (all with different effects on player status), and the most valued item in the game world, the almighty medical kit!


More soon!

Status Update #9: Better late than never, sanity and a chat about Feature Creep

A bit late (by several days) on last weeks blog. Lately most of the work has been going into getting the levels prepped for the upcoming Alpha and working on some of the more core game mechanics.

Screenshots from last weeks video:

Here are a few screenshots from our last video, this is a section featured in the 2nd level of the mod, about 20 minutes in on the games story:

So what is the deal with the mods story? It is something we aren’t really ready to discuss, and I don’t think we ever will on this blog. We’re pretty excited about what we’ve got planned and we don’t want to spoil any of the details by going in to it. All I can say is, we want to give you, the player, that feeling of travelling down a rabbit hole, with only hints of where it will end up.

Progress on player sanity

Players sanity will play a large role in the mod. There is something on the island that is causing anyone near it to have their brains slowly fry. 10 minutes on the island will cause users to loose all sanity they have left.

The only way players can resolve this is by taking medication found on the island to raise their sanity meter, or to find safe zones which have some type of bedding to sleep on.

The longer you play, the lower your sanity will be. We’ve included a lot of shortcuts that can be unlocked around the island to allow players to return to their safe zone before all sanity is lost, and at the same time, not loose a lot of progress through backtracking.

Always be careful of your sanity. The lower the meter, the more you start to hear and see things. This is where more of the abstract and paranormal horrors await you.

The dreaded feature creep

Sadly, lately, we’ve had to make a few cuts that no longer fit the type of mod we were making. Crafting, which is something we were working on adding in to the mod, no longer seems to have a purpose.

We plan to have roughly 25-30 weapons in the mod, and sadly only very few of these are craft-able. In the end, we decided to take the crafting out of the mod for the time being, until (if ever) we find a use to bring it back, but it is not something we really want to focus on.

There will be exploring in the mod, but this will be to increase your inventory. The only way you can restore health, sanity (and lower hunger) in Total Chaos is to find health items in the world.