Status Update #4: Realtime Weather Change


This week I started getting deeper into the weather system in Total Chaos. Sky-dome transitions are now fully functional, and almost seamless!

Some of the sky-dome textures I am currently using are placeholders and will be replaced in the near future with something a bit moodier.

2Rain is also plugged into the transition system, and is working pretty good so far. The rain drops are clumped together in a larger sprite to help save performance.


The trickier task this week was making the sound effects on the rain change depending on if the player is indoors or outdoors.

We got a placeholder rain sound loop and sliced it up into 2 second clips that loop over the duration the rain is active by selecting a random clip, we then check the players current ceiling texture to detect if the player is indoors or outdoors. If its not set to F_SKY, which is the default skybox texture in the Doom engine, then we tell our sound switcher clip to fade the audio to an indoor variant of the rain loops.

It is a bit hacky, in a traditional engine you would simply be able to fade between two sound loops, but this is the kind of stuff we have to do daily to get the results we’re after.




More to come, stay tuned for even more weather shenanigans!

Status Update #3: Pushing things to the limit


This week I’ve mainly been working on the AI and building up the island. It is rapidly growing in size.

The original island we had planned out would take a player 8-9 minutes to walk from one side to the other without running into any obstacles. We’ve made some revisions to this over past 6 months and the latest layout revision is expected to be 3 times the size of that!


The latest AI system is getting there. The mutants can now run and brake when they get close to you. I had a play around with the density of the mutant hordes to see how much the system can handle before the frame-rate started to drop below 60. The answer is… well, quite a few!

Hello 2015

Thought I’d post another progress update to bring in the new year, even though its almost 2 months since then… better late than never!


A lot of progress has been made to expanding the city environment. The mod will be split up into several hub areas (separate levels). This allows us to make areas much more densely populated than having everything in a single map as we originally planned.

Oh crap, they run now!

Also, it seems we have gone beyond the level unit bounds with the map size. The standard level compilers are no longer working with such a large map size!

The city will split up in to 4 unique areas which we are preparing to announce. The first area in which the player starts in is currently known as Claw, it is planned to be on the southern end of the island.


Here are a couple of screenshots. These are still major works in progress. It is all looking quite samey in its current state, but we hope to add more landmarks and many more details in the coming months.

Check out more screenshots below…

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Happy Holidays! State of the mod

Hello all,

Its been a while since there have been any updates. Just thought I’d post and say happy new year and address a few things.

First up, wheres the mod?


I said earlier in the year there would be a version out by now. So where is it?
We’ve had to push a few things around. I was hoping a beta would be available at this point, but without writing up a long and boring explanation, in short, we did not anticipate the scope of the project. We also had a few distractions which didn’t help…

The current goal is to have an Open Alpha out around April-June. This will have the majority of the game play mechanics intact (Inventory/Crafting management, AI, world dynamics) and a decent chunk of the island available to explore.

This Alpha will help us fine tune many aspects of the mod and collect player feedback on what works and what needs to be changed.

We’ll be progressing into crunch time late January on the project, so expect to see plenty of content appearing here and there. We’ll try and do some behind the scenes videos too on how we put this stuff together.

Thank you all for your support throughout the year. This thing has been in the works for almost a decade now, 2015 will be the year. Promise this time!

Total Chaos 60FPS combat gameplay!

We’ve finally uploaded a new game play video demonstrating some of the combat mechanics in Total Chaos!

This teaser shows how the crafting and melee systems work in Total Chaos.

There were a few more features we wanted to show in this video, like the stealth system and extended features of inventory management, but we’re still in the process of fine tuning this stuff. We’ll have some more videos out soon showing how this stuff works, but for now, we didn’t want to keep you guys waiting!

We’re also looking for a few artists and animators! Check out the Jobs page for more information on this.

For those new to the development blog, you might be wondering what this thing is?

Total Chaos is an upcoming total conversion mod for Doom 2 that runs on the source ports GZDoom and Zandronum.


The mod is an open world survival horror where players are dropped on an island known as Fort Oasis, once the most secret and isolated place in the world. It is believed it was once run by a community of coal miners, which one day disappeared without, leaving behind the abandoned concrete jungle to waste away.

Total Chaos is a sandbox mod, so the player has freedom of choice of either finding the lost community, surviving on their own against the islands deadly forces, or explore Fort Oasis to uncover its most hidden secrets.

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